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Social Media--Marvelous or Menace?

Who are you talking to?

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr. Pinterest. YouTube.  Is your business on all of these or none of them?  Should it be?  What do you post?  How do you do it?  How much is too much and how little is too little?  Back Forty can answer all these questions and more for you. 


Finding new customers in the 21st century can still be as easy as putting a "hanging out your shingle", it is just a matter of where that shingle hangs in today's terms.  Social media, which entails everything from Facebook to texting your friends, is the fastest way in which all age groups are now connecting with the people, things and yes, businesses that they love.  From teenagers to babyboomers, almost everyone has been bitten by the "social" bug.  Back Forty Media and Marketing can help you capture those "likes", "Tweets" and "pins" that are so important to your overall business success.  Check out our Portfolio page to see what we have done for others!

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