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Back Forty serves a wide variety of customers nationwide but we have two very special focus areas:

Equine Industry Customers

The horse industry is full of its own unique challenges and opportunities.  Most equine business owners are passionate about what they do, but often don't have the time or resources to effectively tell their story and gain new customers.  That is where the team at Back Forty Media and Marketing come in.  As passionate horsepeople ourselves, we are excited to bring our over two decades of combined experience to your equine venture and assist you in sharing your story and finding more customers to share that story with you!


With a proven track record in all sectors of the equestrian world. we can help your business create a strategic communication and sales strategy that engages customers, generates sales and creates a lasting, positive impression for all consumers.

Agribusiness Customers

Telling the story of today's ag community can be a challenging task. Consumers are more distant from where their food comes from than ever and the agricultural community itself is divided on what it wants its message to be. Luckily, Back Forty's team has a combined two decades years of experience in successfully telling the story of agribusiness, the way it was meant to be told.


With a proven track record in all sectors of agriculture, we can help your business create a strategic communication and sales strategy that engages customers, generates sales and creates a lasting, positive impression for all consumers. 

To Serve These Markets We Offer:

Go To Market Strategy

Get the bird's eye view of where your business is and where it needs to go from here. We are all in the business of selling something to someone, but how do you get from having a product to having it sold?  Let Back Forty be your partner in telling your story in such a way that people can't wait to line up at your door.

Website and Social Media Management

Today's consumer expects communication, transparency and a true "web experience" when engaging with a business online.  We offer everything from "Facebook Rehabilitation" services for poorly performing sites to creating your web experience from the ground up.

Print Communications

Stopping the tractor at the section fence and talking to your neighbor used to be a great way to get the word out, but is not quite as effective in the 21st century.  Whether you need a print advertisement for your local paper, a glossy magazine spread, a postcard mailing campaign or a full scale newsletter, we can create the print communications that will put your ideas into print.

Public and Media Relations

Communicating with the public through the media can be a mixed bag if you don't use the right approach.  We can fine tune your approach to local, regional and even national media sources by getting the message right the first time.  Don't let your next sound bite be a nightmare, instead make it a pay day advertisement for your story by letting us do the footwork first!

Event Management

Ever thrown a party for your friends just to have nobody show up?  Now take that feeling and add in thousands of dollars and months of planning and you will know what it feels like to hold a business event that fails.  At Back Forty, we have a track record of making small events big and the biggest events even bigger.

What's New

Welcome to the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) as a new client!  As a full service marketing client, we look forward to opeing a new chapter for this great organization!


Client Gate to Great and Dale Simanton take second in Ranch Work Discipline at 2015 TCA Thoroughbred Makeover.  A huge congrats to Dale and his team for their placing so high at this national event..losing first by on 0.05%!


Retired Racehorse Project hits 125,000 on Facebook!  Their journey to the top of all racing-related sites only took 16 months. Congrats!


Welcome to Energy Solutions Partners are our newest client.  Keep an eye out for their brand new website and social media presence soon!


Launch of Art by D. Snowden website and social media.  See the newly redesigned site at www.dsnowden.com.

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